We are looking for a full time Veterinary Assistant to join our team. A successful applicant will share our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our loyal clientele and the highest quality care to hospitalized and boarded pets. Main responsibilities consists of: restraining animals, assisting veterinarians or vet techs, answering phones, cleaning cages, feeding, bathing, record keeping, laundry, and assisting clients and other staff. Candidates must be in good physical condition, as you must be able to lift and carry animals, supplies and food over 40 lbs. Candidates also must be able to handle and restrain fractious dogs and cats. Previous experience with animals is a major advantage but we will train the right person for this position.

Vet Assistant staff must have a a high school diploma or equivalent & posses good computer skills. Excellent written & communication skills are important. Attention to detail is a MUST.

We are excited to add a new member to our veterinary team. Animal Clinic Suburban strives to provide the highest quality care personalized to the needs of each pet. We value our relationship with our clients & will always take the time to answer any questions.

Please email your resume: [email protected] or 

fax to 888-651-6425


1. Client Relations

A vet assistant is a valuable position at Animal Clinic Suburban.  An assistant‘s role occurs both at the front desk and in the back of the clinic.  First impressions to a current or potential client are very important. At all times, an assistant must maintain a warm & positive, yet professional appearance and demeanor. An assistant needs to be proficient in all of the hospital's protocols, and able to answer most questions a client may have, other than treatment advice/lab results/ect. An assistant must be efficient and effective, able to multi-task, and be a liaison between clients and our clinic. Focusing on client satisfaction & client service is required at all times. Whatever a client needs, we provide to the best of our abilities, and the ability to anticipate these needs is paramount. Client Relations also includes, but is not limited to: reminders (appointment and surgery) calls, and mail & e-mail correspondence.  A client should always feel like their pet & questions are our top priority.

It is NOT a vet assistant’s role to provide medical or treatment recommendations, but a basic understanding of our policies/procedures is required.  Any client calling about a patient (sick, injured, undergoing treatment) or dropping off their pet MUST speak with a technician or vet if they have questions.  The education and training of a licensed vet tech or doctor is necessary to ensure correct education, communication, and understanding of their pet’s needs.

2. Administrative Duties

An assistant is responsible for all file maintenance & Avimark database when performing receptionist duties. File maintenance requires basic typing skills, a fundamental knowledge of filing, thoroughness and neatness. Assistants may also schedule appointments, surgical procedures, and boarding reservations. All assistants must learn the hospital's schedule from booking appointments to the number of anesthetic procedures per day, to boarding space in our kennel. Our assistants must also be proficient in our invoicing procedures. Invoicing clients is a team responsibility, requiring efficiency and accuracy.  An eye for detail here helps capture missed charges and ensure correct entries BEFORE the client is checked out.

4. Office Maintenance

An assistant may be required to perform these office duties as well as maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace. Keeps the reception area and client restroom clean, well-stocked and aromatic. All other cleaning duties within the hospital are assigned to staff members as needed.

Example Duties

  1. Make a good first impression, smile, be professional.  Get to know our clients.
  2. Maintain a professional appearance
  3. Be professional, ethical, & friendly at all times, regardless of client or business of the clinic.
  4. Answer phones, send faxes, and send mail
  5. Transfer mail to Carrie.
  6. Make all appointments as needed and confirm them the day prior to the visit.
  7. Remind owners of the requirements before their visit or surgery.
  8. Direct clients to the website to fill out paperwork or get information on surgeries.
  9. Contact no-show appointments to reschedule.
  10. Escort clients/pets into exam rooms once your know who to check-in.
  11. If clients have been waiting, update them of the situation & offer water, magazines, ect.
  12. Enter all client/pet data into Avimark.(scan faxes/paper forms/ect)
  13. Serve as initial source of information to clients; make them comfortable and confident in our ability to help them and direct them to the right resource for their needs (vet/tech/ect).
  14. Mail/e-mail information to clients.
  15. Have a fundamental understanding of vaccines, lab tests, common diseases, & behavior.
  16. Know how to properly utilize Avimark, our email system, & other front desk equipment.
  17. Verify accuracy of charges, Invoice & take payment correctly through Avimark, Care Credit & the Clover.
  18. Perform day end closeout (per checklist up front or in back).
  19. Assist clients as needed to make their visit easier (carry out food, hold pet, get brochures)
  20. Maintain cleanliness of the front of the hospital.
  21. Pull charts & have them ready for any appointment, drop off, lab sample submission.
  22. Put through & fill prescriptions &/or refills to be verified by a vet or tech
  23. Understand role and duties performed by other staff members.
  24. Attend all staff meetings and staff education meetings.
  25. When in doubt, ASK!  If you are not confident in how to complete a task find someone to assist you.
  26. Also strive to improve your skills and make suggestions on how to improve clinic function/protocols
  27. Advise those working with a client/patient if there is a special occasion or concern with the clients personally (birthdays, babies, health concerns, travel plans).
  28. Perform your tasks completely and consistently in order to support other staff and make the clinic run smoothly.
  29. Read, follow and sign the employee manual.  Make sure to ask questions if you are unsure about a policy or rule.
  30. Work to create a professional but personal relationship with our clients and their pets.

3. Animal Care Duties

  - Clean cages, walk dogs, feed patients 

   -General cleaning throughout the hospital such as laundry and mopping

   -Proper cleaning of surgical instruments and surgery/dental suites

   -Review records to determine vaccines and wellness testing pet is due for (verify with vet)

   -Enter and verify charges for each patient

-Assist in medical & surgical procedures

   -Use proper low stress handling/restraint, know how to safely restrain fractious pets

- Maintain & use medical equipment like cold laser, radiographic software/machine, autoclave

-Administer treatments following veterinarian or tech instructions

-Maintain in-clinic forms/logs

-Recognize signs of disease, pain, injury, fear, nausea and tell vet or tech

-Accurately & efficiently educate new puppy/kitten owners with our puppy/kitten kits.

Accurately & efficiently educate owners with our recommendations for their pet per the doctor or hospital policy.

4. Team Work Environment

Each assistant must be able to work well on their own or with a group.  Helping out the team is a priority.  Communicating clearly and effectively with all team members is crucial.  A vet assistant role is to support & help ALL staff where appropriate.