Having to make the decision to let your pet go is often profoundly difficult. Trying to determine when is the right time can leave you confused & second guessing decisions. The team at Animal Clinic Suburban is here to help however we can. Our focus will always be on your pet’s quality of life & we’ll always be clear about your options. This decision is only one you can make, but we want to do what we can to make it as simple & peaceful as possible for you & your pet.

Saying goodbye to your pet is highly emotional & challenging to work through. To provide the lowest amount of stress to you & your pet, as well as ensure you are not waiting any longer than possible it’s important that this procedure is a scheduled appointment. Most pets will have an IV catheter placed. This should not cause significant stress or pain & helps ensure that the procedure goes quickly & painlessly. If a pet is highly anxious, scared, or distressed a sedative medication will be recommended to relax them.

Euthanizing your pet is difficult & painful. Our veterinary team will do everything possible to make the procedure as easy on you and your pet as we can. The truth is it’s going to be hard, there are going to be tears, and it’s not something that you will get over by the next day. Our pets are like family & their companionship, love & bond we share is deep. If you are unsure what the next best step for your pet may be please reach out to our veterinary staff &/or your veterinarian. The “How do I know it’s the right time” worksheet can also help you work through the decision in an organized, quality of life centered way.