Wellness Exams & Care

Regular wellness exams & testing truly keep your pet healthier & detect changes sooner. Every pet has unique needs based on things like breed, lifestyle, genetics, age & sex. Your vet will discuss with you what recommendations are most appropriate for your pet to pro-actively manage their care & keep them as healthy & comfortable as possible.

Physical Exam

Every pet’s wellness care starts with a physical exam. It’s the foundation to preparing an appropriate plan for your pet & ensuring that treatments like vaccines are safe to administer. Your veterinarian will exam your pet from nose to tail. Looking, feeling & listening to your pet for any changes that could influence their health or quality of life.

Wellness Recommendations

As we’ve noted every pet’s wellness plan may be a little different but some of the most common recommendations are:

  • Wellness Bloodwork (assessing organ function, electrolytes, thyroid hormone, red & white blood cells & much more)
  • Heartworm testing & tick borne illness screening (all common in our area & often difficult to detect until the disease is progressed)
  • Fecal Examination (accessing for parasites & red or white blood cells which are common problems in our area)
  • Vaccines/Titers (ensuring protection to many common & life threatening illnesses)
  • Urine (To detect things like concentration, protein, inflammation, crystals, & infection)
  • proBNP (a heart screen commonly recommended to breeds prone to heart disease or pet’s with heart murmurs)